Seraph Production is a film production company based in Dubai Media City in the United Arab Emirates specialising in corporate video, documentaries, direct to client commercials and underwater filming projects

Established in 2006 by two British partners, Jana Murray and Sandy Chestnut, we are a dedicated team of film professionals that bring together world class film production expertise with knowledge of many key industries.

As a full service production company, we will manage every single aspect of your production from conception to completion, using the latest technology and international standard directors and crews.

Seraph Production Corporate Promos

Club Azure_f

Club Azure

Corporate Promos
A short film promoting Club Azure filmed nearby to Jumeirah hotels in…
Video thumbnail for vimeo video Our Nation - Dubai Corporate Video Production - Seraph Production

Our Nation

Corporate Promos
A film showcasing Dubai, created for the Dubai World Cup official launch…

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