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Our experienced Autocue operators are available to support your video productions.

Prompter photoSeraph Production offers a professional Autocue or teleprompter service using the original Autocue equipment and software, the best quality available in the market.

CEOs and senior executives are increasingly required to present messages to camera but don’t have the time to learn long scripts off by heart. An autocue or teleprompter can facilitate and save them precious time. Initially we invested in the equipment and talent for our own purposes to support our corporate shoots. However, we soon realised there was a wider demand in the local film production market for a professional Autocue service using high quality studio equipment rather than ipads which are not considered user-friendly.

The Autocue software (QStart) is installed on a dedicated laptop and allows for instant script editing, a very useful tool as it gives the CEO an opportunity to make changes to the script he has invariably just looked at on the day of the shoot and the production company take away a final up to date script for editing or translation purposes.

We currently support English scripts and our Autocue operators are native English speakers with the ability to execute script changes quickly and accurately in their own language, another important consideration when selecting a teleprompter service.

Our equipment and experienced Autocue operators are available for hire for video shoots across the region.

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