Creative Concepts

When you really need them

Need creative concepts, a script or storyboard? Seraph Production can help.

Today, with the introduction of cost effective cameras and editing equipment, video production is all about planning or pre-production. It’s easy to find someone to go out and shoot your film, but your film won’t succeed unless it communicates the correct message and delivers the desired business outcome.

In the old days a professional production company produced your film from start to finish. This service is still available for clients who need a high quality film production. The trouble is that nowadays budgets don’t always stretch far enough to pay for talented crews and expensive camera equipment. Maybe you know a cost effective freelancer or you have a budding filmmaker within your company (with an iPhone) who can do the filming and editing for your project but they are at a loss to come up with creative ideas. We understand this and can fill that skill gap.

Our producers will work closely with your marketing or corporate communications team to understand your brand and provide creative solutions. Once you’ve reviewed our ideas and selected your preferred creative approach, we will write your script or storyboard, then we will make the film for you, or you can make it yourself through your in-house team or cost effective freelancer, the choice is yours!

Please note: there is a fee for this service. We do not provide creative concepts or storyboards free of charge as part of a bidding process. If this is what you are looking for then we are not the right partner for you.

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