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Answers to queries about the film production process.

From pre-production to post, you’ve asked and we’ve answered.

Can I make any changes to the edit?

Yes of course! We will send you a file for preview via Dropbox. This gives you an opportunity to comment on the film and make amends. However, with our focused briefing and script approvals process, typically clients only make a few small changes during post production.

Can I write the script myself?

Anything you can give us to help determine script content is welcome. However, script writing for film is a specific skill so we would normally use your script as a first draft and fine tune it ourselves.

Can you provide different language versions?

We can deliver films in any language you may require, working closely withour team of experienced translators and voice over artists, based in Dubai and London.

Do I need to attend the edit?

As you will already have approved the script there is no need for you to attend the edit while the first cut of the film is being prepared. Once this is complete you can preview the film either at our edit facility or by viewing a file via Dropbox.

Do I need to attend the shoot?

That depends on what we are filming. If we are filming generic footage around Dubai you probably don’t need to be there. However, if we are filming a motivational film for internal use around your office it helps to have you there to guide us. Staff will also be more amenable to being filmed because they know you!

Do you provide free storyboards?

Unfortunately not! It takes us a lot of time and brain power to produce creative concepts, scripts and storyboards and as such they are budgeted as part of the pre-production process.

Do you use freelancers or staff?

For most of our corporate projects we use our own in-house team but for some projects we work with freelance DOPs, gaffers, audio technicians and other crew.  It depends on the project and the available budget.

How long does it take to make a film?

This will depend entirely on the project brief. For a 3 minute corporate promo shot in the UAE you should allow 3-4 weeks building in time for client approvals.

How many changes can I make to the edit?

Unless otherwise agreed, we budget for 2 sets of edit amends, one at offline and one at online. Any additional changes cost us valuable time in our edit suite with an editor and producer so unfortunately you will need to pay extra for this.

How many crew will there be?

That depends on the brief and budget. High-end promotional films normally require a large crew; event filming may only require one camera operator.

How many shooting days do we need?

That depends on your brief. Whenever possible we will try to determine the number of shooting days required at the outset so you know what to expect. However, sometimes we may need more days or we may even be able to complete the shoot in fewer days. Either way, we will only bill on the actual number of shooting days.

How much does a video cost?

Every client brief is different and every film budgeted individually so we cannot give you a one size fits all answer for this question. Have a look at our How Much Does A Corporate Video Cost blog about this subject.

How much of my time do I need to allocate?

We always try to make the production process as simple and time efficient as possible but the best films are the result of a team effort. We will require your input at different stages during the production process, from briefing us on script content, to approving the script and the final edit. Setting up the schedule and logistics for the shoot will normally require some input too.

What about Arabic scripts and translations?

We work closely with native Arabic writers to ensure the same level of quality as with our English scripts.

What camera will you use?

All of our work is typically filmed in High Definition on broadcast quality cameras. We can shoot on higher-end formats such as 4K, if required, but we find that the extra cost cannot be justified for films that will ultimately be broadcast in High Definition on Social Media or company websites.

What music do you use?

We hold the UK based Audio Network Production Library in-house which has an extensive selection of music styles, both Western and Arabic. Alternatively, we can commission a composer to create a signature track for your video, or we can apply for copyright to use a particular commercial track that you may like.

Where do you do the editing?

We edit in-house using Adobe Creative Cloud editing and animation suites. This enables us to be flexible and cost efficient. Our editors have a background in television production and understand rapid turnarounds for broadcast output and the demands of working to tight deadlines.

Who will be my main contact?

A dedicated and experienced producer will be assigned to your project and will work closely with you to ensure that all of your specific requirements are met during every stage of production.

Who writes the script?

Our scripts are produced in-house by our BBC trained script writers who have extensive experience in creating scripts and creative treatments for both television and corporate video.

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