Nine Reasons

To choose Seraph Production

Evaluating potential film production suppliers can be bewildering!

Here are nine reasons why you may wish to consider partnering with Seraph Production.

Nine Reasons

  • Corporate and documentary specialists

    1While we have the ability to work in any area of film production, our main strength and talent lies in producing internal and external corporate communication films and documentaries. Rather than being a ‘jack of all trades’ we have chosen to specialise in these areas and we believe that this single-minded dedication makes us the best at what we do.

  • Competitively priced high quality

    2With Seraph Production your films are professionally produced, using high end equipment and employing the best talent in the market. This means that we are not inexpensive, however we believe that we are extremely good value for money when you compare like with like.

  • Personalised productions

    3We listen and provide considered solutions. We don’t offer you ‘stock products’ because we believe there is no such thing as ‘one size fits all’. We take the time to qualify your needs by asking you the right questions. Then we tailor make your film, suggesting direction without compromising your vision.

  • Creative scriptwriting

    4Your messages will be communicated effectively by our script writers. We produce scripts and creative concepts tailored for film for your identified target audience. Our scriptwriters are BBC trained and our scripts are highly regarded in the marketplace today.

  • Added value

    5Our suggestions are not just to make your film ‘look good’. You benefit from our wealth of experience, gaining valuable suggestions on the most efficient and cost effective ways to communicate your vision.

  • Affable not flappable

    6With many years experience producing films internationally, we know our business inside out. However, we understand that some clients are new to film production so we gladly offer you guidance, whilst ensuring your experience remains rewarding and fun.

  • Technical excellence in-house

    7We are fully equipped for your film production because we have cameras, editing and animation facilities in-house. This means you benefit from a more flexible and cost effective service. We can deliver your films in multiple formats and advise you on what best suits your purpose.

  • Financially transparent

    8We are fully transparent with our budgeting. We will tell you exactly what the scope of work is and there are no ‘hidden extras’ that may appear later.

  • Passionate about film production

    9We have a passion for what we do. Every single film we produce is a unique creation, regardless of size or budget, and we are proud of what we achieve. We follow up on every film to ensure that you are as satisfied with your final film as we are.

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