Chicken Tonight

Since the age of two I have had an aversion to chicken. It’s not the taste per se, perhaps more the texture and smell. Either way, a bite of chicken has not passed my lips for a good 30 years! So when a shoot facilitation brief for a chicken factory came through, you can imagine my excitement!

Unfortunately for me this involved a recce prior to the shoot, something I would have been more than happy to chicken out of!

Photo by Sandy Chestnut

However, much to my surprise, the immaculate factory location, various interesting machines to shoot at a variety of elevated positions, lovely personnel and a crowd-pleasing, smell-suppressing face mask made for quite a pleasant visit.

Sandy, our in-house, photographer shot the recce stills which were well received by our UK based client, who was flying out their own Director & DOP for continuity across the film which was being shot in several countries.

Being the sociable type, I love meeting and working with new people so for me shoot facilitations are a major bonus of my job. We provided the Producer, Gaffer and DIT to support the UK crew, as well as the camera and lighting kits and essential local knowledge.

As we were entering a food preparation zone, all of our kit had to be fully scrubbed down and all screws tightened to eliminate any risk of contamination. All the preparation was complete the day before the shoot and we were ready and raring to go.

Arriving at the hotel to pick up the Director & DOP, complete with Costa’s finest offerings (I know how to keep a crew from the UK happy at 6am), we negotiated Dubai’s heavy morning traffic to rendezvous with the rest of the crew on location.


Photo by Sandy Chestnut

Once fitted with our protective clothing and attractive hygienic hairnets, it was all go in the busy factory setting, capturing the process of the chicken product creation from raw delivery to formation and packaging.

Touring the factory, I almost forgot about my dislike for chicken as all the factory staff and crew seemed to enjoy the somewhat unusual location.

We wrapped on schedule without a hitch, which always makes for a happy crew. It was a pleasure working with the UK team and they complimented us on a strong crew and smooth shoot. I was sad to see them go when I dropped them back at the airport.

And after such a lovely experience, perhaps I owe it to myself to try some chicken tonight . . . maybe not.