Jewelultra Diamondbrite Promotional Film

Everyone had told me that March and April are the busiest times for film production in Dubai and they were not wrong! March has been full of shoots and we started the month with an exciting shoot for UK based Jewelultra Ltd. They wanted a new promotional film to showcase their brilliant product, Diamondbrite, and how it protects against all the elements. We were tasked with filming four different cars over three days at various locations around Dubai and Sharjah. This shoot involved a lot of organisation and planning, from organising the shot list, obtaining police filming permissions, to the logistics of how we could film four different cars with just one actor. Thankfully though, it all came together well with only a few minor problems.


Flamingos, Ras al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary

Day one started well with clear blue skies. We travelled to our first location to get some shots of Dubai in the morning light before meeting our clients, who had flown over from the UK specially to see how the film was going to come together. We were due to film four cars, Lexus, Range Rover, Toyota and Jeep and headed to our next location on Oud Metha Road right next to the flamingo sanctuary.


Luxury Cars
All cars lined up ready to be filmed

Driving in Dubai can be challenging at the best of times; but driving in convoy was especially demanding. We had to keep a constant look out to make sure no one had been left behind at traffic lights and that other cars hadn’t cut into our line. So it came as no surprise when travelling between locations on our first day, two of the cars got completely lost but, thanks to the excellent navigational skills and knowledge of the area from Sandy, they were soon back on track. Credit to everyone there, client, crew and actor for working hard and pulling back the time we lost, the day ended no later than it should have and we still got all the great shots we had planned.

By the time the weekend had passed and day two of filming arrived the schedule was nearly completely out of the window, but through no fault of our own. This was due to untypically horrible Dubai weather; it was overcast with terrible visibility, not ideal for getting lovely skyline shots! We had to think on our feet about what we could do to replace the shots we could no longer get. Luckily the video was looking to show the extreme weather conditions of the UAE, so we were able to use the bad weather to our advantage. We spent most of the second day shooting in the desert, to show heat haze and the effect of sand on the cars. This was my favourite day of filming out of the three as it was the first time I had been to the desert since moving here and the shots we were filming were quite exciting. An added bonus were the camels that came over to see what was going on!

camels small
Camels coming over to say hello!
Jeep in sand small
Jeep going over the sand dunes

The final day was the most relaxed day of filming as the most difficult shots were in the can and coordination out of the way. Day three was assigned to filming the application of the Diamondbrite product and showing the personalised kits that come with each purchase. We even managed to wrap early because it all ran so smoothly. The footage is now all in the edit and it’s looking really good, so I think we can call this one a success largely due to our fantastic team pictured below, our clients who were laid back and a pleasure to work with, and our actor Bashar from Diva Model Agency who had a hard task on his hands but worked professionally with everything we threw his way.