Famous Encounters

Recently I had the fortune unexpectedly to work with one of, if not the Princess of Pop, leaving my colleagues a little green and in hysterics due to my naivety. Let me explain…

It’s a long story that happened in a relatively short amount of time. Seraph had been hired by a London based event company for a three-day shoot facilitation to shoot video content for probably the most glitzy annual event in Dubai’s sporting and social calendar.

The first day’s schedule ran smoothly and was a lot of fun; then the client approached me asking if we were available the following day for a last minute shoot with a VIP. I feel in Dubai people can casually throw around the word VIP and I assumed it was a CEO of a company. It didn’t for one minute cross my mind we’d be filming a famous pop star. Even when everyone was referring to this lady by only her first name (a pretty common thing for the elite pop stars to do) still nothing clicked with me. In all honesty my mind was elsewhere trying to figure out whether we could accommodate the last minute shoot and the crew logistics. It was only when I turned up the following day for the shoot that the penny finally dropped when the super glam pop star walked in the room!

Now I‘d love to tell you who exactly she was but unfortunately I’m not able to share this information. What I can share with you is that she was an absolute pleasure to work with. You hear stories all the time about stuck up celebrities, and I am glad to say this was not the case. She took the time to ask each person’s name and shook all of our hands. The filming itself took less than 15 minutes; just like the leading lady and this blog, it was short and sweet.