My Visit to Sony’s First Underwater Store

Sunrise behind Burj Khalifa
Photo by Jana Murray

Early mornings in general are not my favourite but when given the opportunity to spend the day at The World on a shoot with Sony, that quickly becomes irrelevant and you can’t wait to start your day. Before the sun had fully risen from behind the Burj Khalifa we were on our boat and on our way. You could feel the excitement and anticipation from everyone there not knowing what thrilling things to expect from the day.


Path leading to the Sony Underwater Store
Photo by Natasha Di Leo

Sony really chose the perfect place to take their customer shopping experience to a whole new level. Dubai is full of ‘firsts’ and ‘the world’s biggest’, so it was completely logical for The World Island to be the location of the world’s first underwater store.  Walking along a path from the boat, surrounded by exotic plants with signs leading us to the store, counting down the metres until ‘a great experience’ we emerged onto the beach; it was hard to believe this was so close to Dubai; it seemed like another world, so tranquil, people wandering around the seashell littered beach, wetsuits on ready to visit the store; so different to the lights and glamour of mainland Dubai.

Sony scuba training pool
Photo by Sandy Chestnut

As the day progressed groups of people were taken down into the depths to sample the latest Sony gadgets in their newly created underwater world. Above the water people went about their day sharing their experiences and making the most of all Sony had to offer with their above ground products.

The atmosphere was fantastic; everywhere you looked people were completely relaxed and enjoying themselves; even the people there to work were having fun including our underwater photography and video team, Sandy and Jana.


Boat journey with Dubai Skyline
Photo by Sandy Chestnut

When the daylight started to fade, it was time to pack up and say goodbye to everyone we had met during the day. Even the journey back to the mainland was nothing short of spectacular, there was a full view of Dubai’s iconic landmarks. I find being out at sea enjoyable at the best of times but the views here made it even better. It was a long day at work but the time flew by, I’ve been lucky so far in my career to have some truly great days at work and this is definitely up there as one of the best.