Seraph Production has been producing corporate video and television content for more than a decade.

Whether it's a cost effective video for a start-up shot by a single director/camera operator or a full scale high end promotional film for a multinational, we accommodate your aspirations and your budget.

We're happy to share our team's knowledge and experience in television and corporate video production.

Here's just one film from the hundreds of videos we have produced during more than a decade.

Seraph Production video portfolio

We've filmed, directed, and edited films for more than a decade.

Documentary storytelling at the heart.

We use storytelling techniques in all of our films but nowhere more so than in our documentaries.

Our partner, Jana Murray, has a track record producing documentaries in Dubai and London spanning many years and worked for Discovery Channel Europe.

We also support television productions. In 2017 we partnered with London based TV production company Blink Films, producing, directing and filming two episodes of “Impossible Builds” broadcast on the Discovery Channel.

Seraph produces documentaries for a wide range of purposes:

  • Television documentaries
  • Corporate documentaries
  • Documentaries requiring underwater filming
  • Documentaries for NGOs and charities
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) documentaries
  • Special interest documentaries

Liquid Light by Seraph Production

We film and photograph underwater.

Corporate video, promotional films, documentaries and more.

We can work to any brief but specialise in:


Animated videos, either entirely animated or part animated, including explainer videos used as an effective way to communicate concepts or explain how a complex product or service works.

View Animated video


Branded content videos, produced for businesses in a television style to provide inspiring or informative content to the viewer while subtly raising brand awareness.

View Branded video


Customer stories and testimonials composed of interviews and sometimes also voice as a customer talks about how a product or service has helped them achieve their business goals.

View Customer video


Our documentary portfolio includes feature storytelling documentaries as well as shorter films produced in a documentary style, filmed across the globe and broadcast on television or social media.

View Documentary video


Internal and external corporate communication films including CEO messages, employee news, training and induction videos and motivational films.

View Employee video


Stories about corporate or charity events as well as company announcements and updates produced for social media television channels.

View News video


Promotional or corporate videos including films shot across a wide range of industries for companies, big and small, across the globe.

View Promotional video


Underwater videos shot for television channels, production companies and businesses including documentaries shot almost entirely underwater as well as underwater sequences for inclusion in TV programmes, short films and television commercials.

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