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Seraph Production has a track record producing internal and external corporate communication films for governments, NGOs, businesses and multinationals.

Whether it’s a cost effective film shot by a single director/camera operator for internal communication purposes or a full scale high end promotional film, we will do our best to accommodate your aspirations and your budget. Our team has many years of combined experience in corporate video production and we’re happy to share our knowledge with you.

Whilst we can work to any client brief the following categories of corporate video are the ones we most commonly work with:


Corporate Promo

A promotional film that presents company credentials with or without voice over narration. The film may be played in a number of settings including at exhibitions, events, meetings or on the company website. Focusing on crafted, high impact visuals, corporate promos are most effective when they are short.


Customer Testimonial

A video typically no longer than 2 minutes produced in an interview style whereby a customer talks about how a product or service has helped them achieve their business goals. Longer Customer Success Stories are produced in the same way but go into more detail. Both are extremely effective marketing communication tools.


Corporate Documentary

A longer documentary style film that presents company credentials and incorporates a combination of interviews and voiceover.  Content typically covers company history, key products or services and CSR activities.  Strong visual sequences, storytelling and narrative all play an important role in producing a successful corporate documentary.


Training Film

A film produced for employee or contractor training purposes played in the classroom or available online. Such films range from presenter led productions to voiceover and graphics driven films, sometimes including dramatic reconstructions. Animation treatments are  becoming increasingly popular for training purposes.


Recruitment Film

A film that seeks to attract new employees by introducing the company and its corporate culture. Typically filmed from an employee perspective, recruitment films often include interviews or presenter-led sequences with existing staff. Recruitment films may be played on the company website or at Careers Fairs.


Internal Communication

Any film produced for internal use, from a motivational film aired at a conference to a serious CEO message.  We have considerable experience producing internal communication films for multinationals and would be happy to advise you on creative ways to optimise employee communication through video.


Animated Video

Animated or explainer videos are an increasingly popular alternative to traditional video to communicate concepts or explain how a complex product or service works. Combining illustration, 2D animation and motion graphics, and often accompanied by a voice over, animated videos range from simple to elaborate depending on available budget. They tend to work best when they are less than one minute long.


Event Highlights Film

A video summary of highlights from an event incorporating branding, action montages and sound bites from key speakers. Event highlights films work best when they are fast paced and short. Either for internal or external use, they are often broadcast on Social Media sites. Check out our Dubai Mall Official Launch film on the Dubai Mall youtube channel. As of writing it had received over 60,000 hits.


Branded Content

Branded content is becoming increasingly popular as people react against overtly promotional videos and commercials. Produced in a news or TV programme style, branded content videos provide useful information to customers while raising brand awareness. For example, a hardware store produces a series of videos about DIY techniques or the series of tweets we produced for Abraaj Capital about private equity .

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