Documentary storytelling is at the heart of all our films.

We use storytelling techniques in all of our films but nowhere more so than in our documentaries.

Our partner, Jana Murray, has a track record producing documentaries in Dubai and London spanning many years and worked for Discovery Channel Europe before relocating to Dubai.

Jana is perhaps best known in the United Arab Emirates for the documentary she produced for the Al Habtoor Group’s 40th Anniversary, an intimate and emotive portrayal of the rarely filmed Khalaf Al Habtoor, founder of one of Dubai’s best known group of companies and a well loved celebrity worldwide.

We also support television productions and in 2017 we partnered with leading London based TV production company Blink Films, producing, directing and filming two episodes for the series “Impossible Builds” broadcast on the Discovery Channel.

Seraph produces documentaries for a wide range of purposes; not just for television:

  • Television documentaries
  • Corporate documentaries
  • Documentaries requiring underwater filming
  • Documentaries for NGOs and charities
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) documentaries
  • Special interest documentaries

Recent documentaries produced by Seraph Production

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