Corporate, portrait and underwater photography

Our in-house photographers are available for photography shoots in Hampshire, the South East of England and globally.

Although Seraph Production was set up as a video production company we have completed many corporate photography shoots over the years. In fact our video clients frequently ask us if we can support corporate photography. Initially we were surprised by this as video and photography were always viewed as separate mediums, but this all changed in 2010 when Canon launched the 5D Mk2 DSLR camera with its revolutionary video function. Suddenly camera operators were shooting with stills cameras and photographers were dabbling in camera operating. Very quickly the line between video and photography become blurred and today many a photographer makes the transition from photography to video and vice-versa.

We still consider video and photography to be separate mediums that use very different techniques, but we appreciate that the basic skills are the same: framing, exposure, focus, depth of field manipulation and a creative eye.

We specialise in the following areas of photography:

  1. Corporate photography – contemporary promotional images for websites, brochures, advertising campaigns, annual reports, blogs and publications
  2. Event Photography – public and corporate events including exhibitions, conferences, team meetings and gala dinners
  3. Industrial Photography – construction, marine and oil and gas (our photographers have up to date safety training to go offshore)
  4. Portrait Photography – corporate, individuals, teams and couples portraits in everyday settings (interior or exterior) shot in a fresh, spontaneous style, using natural light wherever possible
  5. Underwater Photography – underwater shoots either in a pool or in the sea, locally or internationally

We have a wide range of photos and video available to view and purchase through Shutterstock and iStock.

If you’d like to see more photos for a particular genre or industry feel free to contact us and we’d be happy to discuss your brief and show you specific samples.

Our in-house photographers are based in Winchester in Hampshire, UK, but undertake above water and underwater projects globally.